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About - Kieran Walsh GalleryKieran Walsh, born in Cork, Ireland, is a large-format photographer who specializes in sweeping landscapes and minimalist compositions. Walsh’s family moved from Dublin to Maine in the United States when he was a young boy. From an early age, Walsh’s parents taught him to appreciate the arts: his mother introduced him to the works of painter Andrew Wyeth, his father encouraged him to view the work of fellow countryman and QUIET MAN director, John Ford. It was the striking work of Wyeth that had the most impact on the young artist.

“My parents would bring us up to the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland and to explore the house of Christina Olson in Cushing. It was there on a foggy, cold, morning that I became fascinated with the way Wyeth was able to capture this austere location, along with its rugged occupants, with such a striking, minimalist quality. The way he would paint the gentle breeze moving an old window curtain, or the soft light cascading down an old staircase. Christina’s World was the image that caught me the most; that painting has shaped my photographic point of view more than I probably realize.”

Kieran works mostly in 8×10, 4×5, a Linhof Technorama, and Mamiya 120 formats. A Nikon D800E is his only digital format. His color work is captured on Fuji velvia 50, and Kodak Ektar 100. His black and white films are Kodak Tmax 100, and Ilford Delta 100. “My favorite format is 8×10. I love the size and detail of that size negative. I need the ability to create large prints and I demand ultimate sharpness and detail, and its the right tool for the type of output I create.”

He creates Black and white, silver prints up to 16×20 in his darkroom which are selenium toned for archival purposes. His larger prints are created using his Epson 9800 with K3 Inks. His paper of choice for larger Black and White giclee is Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta. His color prints are created on Fuji Flex using the OCE Lightjet 430 50-inch printer which delivers exceptional quality of 4,000 dot per inch (DPI) apparent resolution. These prints are then mounted to Aluminum and framed.

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